Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Merrion Square West, Dublin 2, Ireland. Meet-up here to hand-over Framed work. Worldwide-Free-Shipping UnFramed work. PSH

Our Mission is to make you LOL

Merrion Square West, Dublin 2, Ireland.   Worldwide Free Shipping UnFramed

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Two minutes of my TisArt and piano, enjoy © peadar sheerin

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"Am I Walking into Eternity". 125 uro James Joyce. Ulysses


Tis Saturn ©® Peadar Sheerin. 12x16 inches. 125uro.

125 uro

Tis High Kicker. ©® Peadar Sheerin €75.00 framed €50 unframed

Tis Amelia - Peadar Sheerin ©® 12x16 inches


Tis Half Full Tis Half Empty. 55uro ©®. Peadar Sheerin

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Tis Jazz Blues 55Uro ©® Peadar Sheerin

Tis Egyptians © Peadar Sheerin

Tis the Great Inventors ©®. Peadar Sheerin.

Tis Floating in my Dreams. ©®. Peadar Sheerin

Tis a Meeting of Great Minds ©® Peadar Sheerin

@myTisArt ©® Peadar Sheerin , Our mission is to make you LOL

Tis Making Music 55uro. © Peadar Sheerin

55 uro
Unframed shipped
10x8 inches

Mini Pictures Framed FreeShipping. uro25. usd30 © Peadar Sheerin

Mini Pictures, Framed, FreeShipping. 

Each   Uro 25.  Usd 30.